I’m the woman behind the camera, nice to meet you! My name is Ashlyn and I’ve been a professional photographer for about six years. I first stumbled upon my passion around freshman year in high school, joined the yearbook committee junior year as mainly a photographer, and then it grew from there. I attended SOCAPA – Vermont in August of 2011 to really dig deep and learn the basics and history of photography. From there, I only grew more and more each time I picked up the camera. Prior to that camp, I was solely a landscape photographer. After seeing what I could do with images of people, I quickly transformed my passion into portrait photography. Now, I am married with a 6 year old son. He is in first grade, and my passion for photography now revolves around him and photographing his quickly growing stages of life.  I enjoy capturing those same memories for my clients through high quality portraits so that the memories can be re-lived for lifetimes to come. The evolution of technology and digital cameras make photography that much more enjoyable and everlasting.