Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23rd, 2018

I am a day late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I wanted to take a moment to showcase the beautiful children and families we had at our fall mini sessions a few weeks ago in Sevierville at the studio!

Ashely and Noah were phenomenal! Noah is such a well behaved little fellow, and I heard he has all the ladies running after him at school. 🙂
Oh, Olivia! Would you believe that this little girl collect skeletons? You heard that right. Not baby dolls, but skeletons! I think it is the cutest thing in the world.
Little Benjamin just welcomed a new baby brother a little while ago. We have had a few shoots with this guy, and he is always full of smiles!
Speaking of smiles, we had them all day from each mini session! How cute is this little guy?!
The morning rain forced the morning mini sessions to reschedule, but it didn’t affect this guy!

It was the perfect weekend for fall minis. Not super cold, but cold enough to put on those fall clothes!! Ashlyn Socinski Photography is your main Sevierville, Tennessee photographer for all of your photography needs. Thanks for visiting!!